How to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

I’m sure that losing your car keys has happened to everyone at one time or another. I know for sure because it has happened to me several times. Getting up there in age hasn’t helped and it has actually made forgetting or losing my keys quite common lately. Here are several tips that might just help on how to avoid losing your car keys.

How to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Many people are notorious for losing their car keys, which usually creates many inconveniences, including losing productive time at work to missing appointments and other disruptions to their day. If this is you, here are some useful tips that will save you time searching for your lost car keys whenever you’re in a hurry.

Get a Bluetooth Key Finder

Technological advancements have simplified finding lost car keys. Bluetooth trackers make it easy for people to trace any lost items and also prevent their loss in the first place. There are several models and brands of these trackers currently in the market – the difference is in price, range, quality, and other extra features.

Some of the trackers that car locksmith recommend have a last-seen location feature, making it possible for you to locate your lost car keys using the last known location on a map. This is helpful if you lost your keys outside of the normal range of the tracker. One of the exciting features you can use is the crowd finding feature, which allows you to inform a crowd finding community to help you locate your car keys more efficiently.

Stay Organized

Clutter is one reason why individuals lose their car keys and valuable items or have issues finding them. For instance, if you have heaps of paper piled up around your work area and you regularly have problems finding specific documents at work or even at home, then it may be time to get more organized.

If you do not have an adequate storage system in place for your wardrobes, shelves, file cabinets, and other storage places at home, the time has come to create one. Set aside areas for storing everything from your hats and belts to your car keys and receipts. This will ensure you have a dedicated space for your items, including your car keys, where you can ensure that you put them aside appropriately when not in use.

Once you are more organized, you won’t have to stress over misplacing items around your home anymore, regardless of what it is. When you aren’t home, ensure you place your keys in the same spot every time, whether that is in your pocket, your purse, or on a lanyard, to ensure they never get lost.

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Use a Large Keychain to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Most of the time, we cannot find our car keys because they are little and on a small, inconspicuous keychain. That means that you are bound to misplace them pretty much anywhere. If your keyring, chain, or holder is somewhat minimalistic, then it is easier to throw it down someplace or place it somewhere and lose it.

The solution is to get a large keychain that stands out visually – using a larger item that is certainly not just a simple ring. A great idea would be to purchase a large, bright, fluffy keychain. While this probably won’t be as simple to place in your purse or pocket, it will certainly make your keys a lot easier to find.

If bright, fluffy keychains are not your thing, you can find many novelty bobbleheads and other similar items designed to fit on a keychain. You could search for an action figurine from your favorite TV show and throw it on your keyring. The next time you place them down, the new addition will more likely make the keyring stand out in contrast to everything else.

Embrace These Simple Solutions

If you still end up misplacing your car keys, all is not lost. Feel free to call your local auto locksmith to help you get a replacement for your car keys. Either way, you can save yourself lots of hassle by simply embracing these simple solutions to avoid losing your car keys again.

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