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How Driver’s Ed Benefits Your Teen and Your Wallet

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As a parent, nothing induces feelings of anxiety quite like the thought of your teenager getting behind the wheel. Although this angst is unlikely to go away, there are proactive steps both parents and teen drivers can take to become as safe a driver as possible. Enrolling your teenager in a driver’s education course is one of the best options. While a driver’s ed course is a requirement in some states, it should be strongly considered no matter where you live in the country. The right course helps the teen driver become safer and more experienced in driving and, […]

Teen driver facts and statistics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reviews data related to teen driving and has compiled a list of statistics highlighting how vulnerable teen drivers are on the road, including:

Leading causes of teen crashes and injuries

Knowing the major causes of teen crashes and injuries can give parents and teenagers valuable information for prevention. The leading causes of teen crashes include:


Driver’s education options

A variety of options are available for driver’s education and instruction. Each method has its pros and cons and should be carefully weighed depending on what works best for each family.

Drivers education options Description Pros Cons
DMV Short for the Department of Motor Vehicles, this is a widely used name for each state’s licensing office. Each DMV may offer a list of certified education courses, both online and in-person. Provides a centralized resource for parents and teens in most states.
Courses offered will follow state guidelines.
Limited to options approved by the state.
High school High schools may offer driving instruction, complete with in-person road practice and testing. Can help satisfy state requirements for driver’s education in a familiar environment.
Peer-based learning is sometimes included.
May have online or in-person options.
Typically does not include a road test.
Courses may or may not offer all the necessary education required to pass state tests.
Parent taught Parents may certainly have years of driving experience, which may qualify them for teen driving education. This is an informal way of learning that can be valuable but may not meet the state requirements. Least expensive and most flexible option.
Can give the parent direct insight into the teen’s driving skills.
Typically does not meet the requirement for state licensing.
Can bring added stress to parent/teen relationship.
Private driving classes Private driving instruction is a one-on-one individualized approach to teaching driver safety. Gives students full attention from the instructor versus competing with other students for attention.
Private instruction will help drivers practice for the road test.
Customized instruction.
Can be very expensive.

Stages of earning a driver’s license

Some steps and stages are required before a teen obtains full driving privileges and an unrestricted driver’s license. Parents and teens alike can benefit from understanding what each step requires and how it leads to additional driving privileges once completed.


What are the benefits of a driver’s education course?

There are numerous benefits of a driver’s education course — not only for the teen driver but also for the parents. A driver’s education course may be seen as something a teen driver has to do simply for their license, but parents realize it has many other benefits.

Parent and teen driver resources

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